Light load: Construction photo album

Photos document how a shipping container home was built

January 11, 2013
by MM&D staff

SOMEWHERE DEEP IN THE WOODS IN THE USA—In the past, MM&D has featured shipping containers being used as market stalls, as art projects, as volleyball courts and as non-profit housing complexes. Today we’re showcasing a simple residential dwelling.

Okay, maybe the Taj Malodge, isn’t that simple.

Chandeliers, rounded archways and mounted deer heads don’t exactly scream simple. Neither do solar panels or French provincial-styled furniture.

While there are plenty of shots of the exterior and interior of the Taj (including a well-stocked pantry that would be the envy of any end-of-the-world survivalist), the most compelling feature about this series of pictures is that it documents the construction process involved in creating the home.

The full gallery of pictures is available here.